Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is an extremely specialised field. As you are no doubt aware, carpets are one of the most expensive items of furnishing in a home, office, hotel, schools, etc and the cost of carpet can run into several THOUSAND dollars. Unfortunately, carpets also capture and hold many pollutants and bacteria, which can be harmful to the health of you, your family, clients or staff. These facts then surely dictate that your carpets should only be cleaned by a company that:

  • Has many years of "hands on" experience
  • Has technicians that are highly trained by accredited training institutions including the IICRC & ITI - both globally recognised training/accreditation institutions
  • Uses only the best, "state of the art" equipment, maintained to the highest standard
  • Takes time to thoroughly and CORRECTLY clean the carpet
  • Ensures the carpets are not left saturated with water and chemicals which can take days to fully dry

Well, we at DRYOLOGY, as you can see can tick ALL those boxes and more.


  • As our name suggests, a carpet cleaned by DRYOLOGY WILL be completely DRY in 1-2 hours - carpets left over-wet can lead to mould, mildew and bacteria, which is a real health, risk
  • We leave no smelly residue (which can lead to rapid resoiling) as we neutralize the carpet, leaving it clean, soft and DRY
  • We take TIME for a quality job - we don't rush in and out in 20 minutes
  • Our environmentally friendly cleaning solutions are scientifically "PH balanced" to guarantee NO damage to the fibre and to protect your warranty or rental bond.
  • We do a very thorough pre-clean DRY vacuum to remove all loose particle matter - this is extremely important.
  • We clean to AUSTRALIAN STANDARDS and beyond.
  • We examine your carpet and discuss with you which method we recommend for your carpet whether it be DRY cleaned, Hot Water Extracted or, a Combination of both (DUAL CLEAN) for unequalled results.
  • We "groom" the carpet after cleaning to ensure no pile distortion and to let airflow circulate between the pile and fibres ensuring faster drying.
  • We individually treat spots and stains with our extensive range of "target" formulated solutions from our professional "Spotter Kit".
  • We are trained and certified by the IICRC and ITI - globally recognised training institutions.

So, as you can see, the days of engaging the old "splash and dash" brigade of carpet cleaners (the "cheapies") to save a small amount of money just doesn't make sense these days when you consider the thousands of dollars invested in your carpets and the health of you and your family and staff AND the environment.

So why not contact us NOW at DRYOLOGY - You can leave your details on our "enquiry page" and we will contact you immediately or Phone 1300 72 44 13.


We also specialise in small to very large scale COMMERCIAL carpet cleaning jobs in OFFICES, HOTELS, CLUBS, HOSPITALS, CHILDCARE CENTRES, SCHOOLS, GYMNASIUMS, MEDICAL CENTRES, etc

DRYOLOGY is the carpet cleaning firm of choice for many such establishments including NTM Cleaning Services, AMP CONTROL, Hunter New England Area Health, Woodlands UPA Retirement complexes, The Salvation Army Carpenter Court Retirement Villages, Tim Farragher Removals, The House with No Steps Organisation, St Francis Xavier College Hamilton, and several other schools, Churchill's Carpet Court along with several Hotels and Clubs, as well as other leading carpet retailers and real estate agencies, etc. etc.


  • Highly Specialised RUG Cleaning
  • Motor Vehicle Upholstery & Carpet Cleaning
  • Fabric Protection for Carpets & Upholstery
  • Anti-Microbial & Deodorising/Sanitising Treatments
  • Mattress Cleaning
  • Anti-Static Treatments


Having previously dealt with Larry and the Dryology staff to eliminate mould and clean the carpets at our college boarding house, I engaged their services to clean the carpets in our office and home. In particular a mould problem (basically a bad odour from beneath the office) that we had previously thought would be extremely difficult to rectify. I have to say again with minimal disruption our carpets were cleaned to perfection and the mould problem no longer exists. We had put up with the odour for 4 years thinking there was no easy way to get rid of it. Dryology rectified this within a day. Another job well done by Larry and his crew.

Anthony C. Bayliss

CEO National College of Dance

I have known Larry and Carol Mulhearn from Dryology for only a short period of time since we met when my wife and I engaged their services to clean the carpets and rugs in our house. I cannot speak highly enough of the knowledge, professionalism, patience and brilliant service provided by Dryology. In particular, we share Larry and Carol's philosophy of developing relationships, not chasing a "quick, cheap sale", and we certainly look forward to benefitting from their fantastic products and services for many, many years to come. My wife and I were so impressed with Dryology's quality and value for money, we immediately started recommending their service to friends and business acquaintances - that's how quickly Larry and Carol gained our trust and I hold them in the highest regard ! I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Dryology and encourage others to share our good fortune of teaming with them. This unsolicited testimonial is a very big "thank you and well done" to Larry and Carol Mulhearn !

Steve Collins