Water Damage / Flood Restoration

Flooded or Water Damaged carpets are not only an extremely frustrating, disruptive and annoying occurrence, they can also be a serious health risk due to the possible presence of mould and numerous other contaminants and even pathogens - depending on the source of the water. For example, water entering the premises through a leaking roof may "only"!! present a mould problem, whereas a washing machine overflow carries more possibly harmful pollutants, and the inundation of a building from flooded creeks or rivers and damaged sewerage lines can and generally do carry extremely high levels of dangerous contaminants including oils, fuels, insecticides, pesticides, animal wastes and even human faeces and urine.

Just some of our state of the art restoration equipment we use:

In every one of these cases it is IMPERATIVE that professional restoration is engaged WITHOUT DELAY.

And that is where DRYOLOGY can help you.

We are highly trained and qualified to put in motion each and every step required to restore your carpets & soft furnishings to their PRE-LOSS condition.

We can also dry the floors, walls, ceilings and contents of your property.

You, the householder or business owner/manager - not to mention the Insurance Companies - are understandably anxious for the restoration to be completed in the shortest possible time.

To achieve this we, at DRYOLOGY, are geared up and ready to react immediately - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - with the very latest technology and state of the art DRYING equipment to ensure your premises are back in full use as quickly and SAFELY as possible. We can liaise directly with your Insurance Company and strive to make the entire process as hassle and stress free for you as we possibly can.

So, if you encounter any water damage problems - large or small - contact us at DRYOLOGY immediately - the longer you leave it to contact us, the greater the danger of mould growth etc which may necessitate replacement rather than restoration of your carpets.

You can contact us on our ENQUIRY PAGE or phone us on 1300 72 44 13.

P.S. We can also advise you on what steps to take until we arrive.


I am writing this letter to thank you sincerely for the expert job that you did in drying, cleaning and restoring my bedroom carpet, after it was totally flooded out on Friday 6th May 2011. I was extremely fortunate to select at random from your very professional advertisement in the Local Directories, and was attracted to it by the many years of experience, training, and accreditation that was stated in the advertisement. I greatly appreciated that you cared enough to come to my home within 2 hours of my initial phone call, and worked continually until everything was restored to normal. I was impressed by the high technical equipment that you used and by your monitoring over several days, to ensure that everything had dried out fully. I would highly recommend your services to anyone who wants a trustworthy, meticulous and highly experienced professional to do the job.

Joan Rose (JP)

We've been unlucky enough to get floods through our B&B on two occasions, once after heavy rain and again after the dishwasher flooded. Each time we rang Dryology and were delighted to see the carpet come back clean and fresh. They even removed wine stains that guests had left on our rug. Larry and Carol really do care about the properties they visit and have taken great care with each job from start to finish, from the initial emergency extracting of water, to visiting the property repeatedly during the drying process. They are also extremely proud of their anti-micriobial treatment, to kill off mould and fungus spores deep in the carpet, which might otherwise come back long after you think it's dry. When we needed to have the carpet in our own home cleaned recently before a family get-together, Dryology was the obvious choice. The carpet smelled and looked fresh, I could walk on it right away with socks on (and not get wet feet) and they even extracted stains we'd learned to live with.

Nicky Elliott

Ahoy There! Waterfront Bed & Breakfast

On 9th August 2013 I had a water pipe that burst under the vanity in the bathroom which flooded the hallway & 3 bedrooms. I called Larry & the team from Dryology who arrived within 1 hour & proceeded to move all the furniture out of the affected rooms. Larry then started the drying process by soaking up the water from the carpet with a vacuum water extractor. Larry then used high powered blowers & dehumidifiers in all rooms to continue the drying process. Within 4 days we were back in our house & the carpet was dry & looked brand new. Without the prompt response from Larry & the Dryology Team we would not of been able to move back into our house so soon. I highly recommend Dryology for any flood & water damage.

Terry Bousfield