Do you have an old stain on your upholstery that you really want to remove? If you are trying to rid of stains on your sofa or carpet, then you need to learn some simple cleaning tricks that can really help you. If you are not confident that you can remove the problem by yourself, then you might need help from Dryology, the carpet cleaning experts in Newcastle and beyond.

Getting rid of stains quickly

The best way to make sure that you don't have stained upholstery is to get rid of the stains as quickly as possible after the accident. Spills and other marks should be cleaned up as soon as they happen, to prevent staining. However, not all of us can do this every time it happens, and so you need to find other alternatives.


The first step in any upholstery cleaning job, when you are dealing with your sofa or trying to get rid of stains on your carpet, is to make use of your vacuum. Cleaning it regularly helps to keep dirt away, and the use of a vacuum can help you to fade out the stain, reducing it significantly.

Examine the back of the carpet

You may not realise, but your upholstery may have a clean advice label. This is usually a small folded label, similar to those seen on clothing, which has the details of washing and cleaning, particularly in regard to the use of bleaches. These cleaning codes are vital to make sure that you don't damage the material when cleaning it. Dryology may be able to offer you advice.

Try steam cleaning

If you are able to use water on your upholstery, then you can also try using steam. Steam can treat stains, lifting them out of the carpet fibres, and can also make it easier to get a much better clean for the carpet.

Match the cleaner with the stain

Different types of stain require different varieties of cleaning fluids. For example, wine and juices require a combination of either colour safe bleach or rubbing alcohol to completely remove the stain. Oil and we stains can benefit from the use of dry cleaners or baking soda to remove the stain.

Let the experts do it

If you don't think that you are going to be successful in your attempt at carpet cleaning in Newcastle, contact Dryology now. Send an online message or call us on 1300-724-413 today.

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