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Newcastle Tile & Grout Cleaning and Sealing - 'No Mess' System


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Tiles can really enhance the appearance and appeal of both the interior and exterior of homes and business/commercial buildings. And the use of tiles has increased dramatically over recent years. However, tiles and grout still attract and hold soil as well as oil and water based contaminants from any number of sources such as cooking, peoples feet, air borne dust and grime, food and drink spillages, pets, etc. And if left without regular cleaning, over time the appearance of the tiles can dull and discolour and the grout lines can soil and change colour (usually darken) as well.

Sure, some people clean their tiles and grout regularly by mopping them over with water or with water and detergents. However, although this can give a reasonable result, the water and detergents cannot be properly rinsed and or extracted. The end result of this is that the water and detergent leaves a degree of soil holding residues on the tile surface with the remainder washing down into the grout lines where they remain, allowing soil to build up again.

QUESTION : So, what should be done now?
ANSWER : The tiles and grout lines need to be cleaned with a professional high pressure process. This is where we at DRYOLOGY can help you.

You see, we can high pressure clean the tiles/grout with very hot water working in conjunction with purpose built correctly formulated cleaning solutions and state of the art equipment. You will be amazed at the difference.

QUESTION : What about the mess?
Surely, using high pressure water inside a home or business premises would leave a heck of a mess - over walls, adjoining carpets, etc.
Our specially designed 'clean and capture' system actually simultaneously extracts or sucks up the water, solution and soilage as it cleans and transfers it into special holding tanks ready for safe and environmentally friendly disposal
To add to your peace of mind, we at DRYOLOGY have been extensively trained by the world leaders in Tile & Stone Care and Cleaning (AQUA-MIX) and use only premium cleaning products.
We are also proud to say we are recommended by AQUA-MIX as an accredited applicator and certified by them in the field of Tile & Stone Care.
We are also specialists in the removal of wax from porcelain tiles. This wax is a protective film applied to porcelain tiles after manufacture to protect the tile surface during storage and transportation.
The safe removal of this wax and subsequent cleaning of the porcelain tiles requires specialised knowledge and expertise to:
* Avoid damaging and
* Restore the lustre of these very expensive tiles
DRYOLOGY are among the relatively few firms qualified to carry out this highly specialised work.


We are also able to professionally seal your tile and grout lines - again using only the very best quality sealers available. Of course, in the case of most Ceramic Tiles sealing is not required due to the vitrified glazing of the surface but the grout lines certainly should be protected with high quality sealers.

Porcelain tiles along with their grout lines should always be sealed and again we at DRYOLOGY are experts in knowing which sealers should be used and in their application to your valuable tiles. (The best time to seal tiles and/or grout lines is when they are first laid - but if not done initially it is still extremely beneficial to seal them immediately after professional cleaning.

Did you know you can RE-COLOUR your tired looking floor and wall GROUT?
Well, yes you can and again DRYOLOGY is able to provide this service for you. There are a variety of colours available and an added advantage of GROUT RECOLOURING is that the product we use also doubles as the best sealer available allowing much easier cleaning of the grout in the future.

So, for ALL your Tile and Grout care needs why not contact us today on our Enquiry Page or phone us on 1300 72 44 13.
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