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DRYOLOGY is a 100% AUSTRALIAN owned and operated business. We are highly trained professionals in MOULD REMEDIATION/REMOVAL and as such can QUICKLY and thoroughly return your Mould affected home or workplace, commercial, corporate or accommodation complex back to a healthy MOULD FREE environment.

We are also a FAMILY owned business and as such keep 100% control over all work we carry out for you. In other words, the buck stops with us and because it is our hard earned reputation for honesty, integrity and results at stake, we will stop at nothing to ensure those qualities are maintained 100% - we will accept NOTHING less.



We at DRYOLOGY use the GOLDMORR System of Mould Remediation. This system has been tested and proven extensively and is currently used in Australia, Asia and the USA. Compared to some other systems it is far less invasive in that it generally does NOT require the removal or destruction of walls, ceilings etc and is therefore also far more economical - it can save you thousands of $$$.

It is completely safe for the occupants of the building and in most cases the occupants can be back in the property the same day - again unlike other systems where the occupants need to be relocated for prolonged periods.
Our GOLDMORR SYSTEM only uses 2 x Products:

  1. The first on is GM6000 and it is the Stain Remover. The reason you probably contacted us in the first place was because you could either - a) smell musty mould odours, or b) see visual black mould on your walls, ceilings, etc.
    Well the GM6000 is the product we use to remove the visual mould from those hard surfaces.

  1. It is a Sodium Hypochlorite based product but it is many, many times stronger than normal household/laundry bleaches and has a super wetting agent which means it is also many times more capable of penetrating the surface it is used on to remove the organism completely. Yes, it does have associated V.O.C.'s but these are removed and neutralised by the second product in our system, the GM2000. Also, the GM6000 will NOT affect the paint or cause it to peel, etc.

  1. The second product we use is GM2000. This is the most important product in the system because it is the one which ELIMINATES the air borne MOULD SPORES in a building. You see, the visual mould is not the part that can be detrimental to your health - it is the Mould SPORES that migrate in the air from room to room and it is these that you may breathe in. AND, these air borne spores can expand into literally millions of colonies in a property.

  1. The GM2000 actually completely ELIMINATES the WHOLE organism (including the hyphae and 'shell') and is unique in its ability to do this - ensuring the property is returned to a mould free environment once treated. It is also patented technology under the term of Non Mechanical Air Scrubbing.

  1. Most importantly it is completely SAFE for the occupants of the building/home, etc. Once we have completed the fogging process the occupants can generally return to the property within 2-3 hours and go about their normal routines and activities, knowing they are now entering a much healthier environment than the one they left earlier that day.

In summary, our process consists of 3 main phases:

We will, upon your request, perform a very thorough inspection of your premises during which we will identify the cause or origins of the mould presence;
Check the Humidity, Air Temperature and Dew Point readings utilising the latest state of the art measuring devices; and make suggestions on how to minimise mould occurrence in the future.

This part of the process consists of the removal of the visual mould from all hard surfaces such as walls, ceilings, timber, tiles, etc. The product used in this phase is the GM6000.

This is the final (and most important) phase in the remediation as it is the "fogging" of the entire interior of the premises, using the unique GM2000 products. This will protect you and your property by completely ELIMINATING the MOULD SPORES within the interior of the property - both airborne spores and those on all surfaces within the building - to bring indoor count down to equal or less than the outdoor count.
At the end of this procedure you can be confident your home/workplace etc WILL be free of mould (and for that matter the air environment will also be free of other contaminants such as dust particles, as the procedure and product acts as an "air scrubber" by encapsulating the dust particles in the air and taking them to the floor, ready for vacuuming if you wish.

A final bonus is that GM2000 is very effective at the treatment and elimination of other nasties such as E Coli, Golden Staph, Pseudomonas and Candidas.

PLEASE NOTE: Most Mould Remediation companies only remove the visual mould - they do NOT ELIMINATE the MOULD SPORES with the result being that the mould will return in a relatively short timeframe - and you will once again be breathing them in thereby potentially compromising YOUR HEALTH.
So for your peace of mind ONLY trust DRYOLOGY (and GOLDMORR)


DRYOLOGY offers a service whereby we will attend your property, discuss your mould problems with you and carry out a very thorough investigation of the cause(s) of the problem (e.g. leaking plumbing pipes or fittings, leaking roofs/gutters, rising damp, excessively high relative humidity, heat exchange issues, lack of adequate air flow and ventilation, etc).
We will then prepare a comprehensive written report on our findings which will also contain our recommendations to prevent mould intrusion in the future, photographs of the affected areas, details of the procedures and products to be used, a firm fixed price quotation for the remediation work.
(There will be a small fee charged for the provision of a report, however if we are engaged to carry out the Mould Remediation work this fee will be waived.)

If engaged by you, we will carry out the full Mould Remediation/Removal process. In most cases this will be completed within 1 x Day and you will be able to return to your property that day.
We will also provide an unheard of 12 MONTH conditional GUARANTEE and will provide you with BEFORE and AFTER photographs.

One of the most common reasons for Mould growth in a building is water infiltration into the property through several means e.g. flooding and stormwater inundation, burst water pipes, leaking hot water tanks, rainwater entering through window and sliding door frames, etc, etc.
Now, there is absolutely NO sense in carrying out Mould Removal without STOPPING THE WATER ENTRY (because mould needs water to grow and colonise) and without DRYING the structure and contents of the building.
We are highly trained and accredited to PROFESSIONALLY dry your water damaged premises to Better than Pre Loss Condition and achieve this by implementing state of the art Drying Equipment and world's best practice drying procedures.
So, you can engage DRYOLOGY to both CORRECTLY DRY your water damaged premises AND perform the MOULD REMEDIATION as well - thereby simplifying the WHOLE process from start to finish WITHOUT the bother of having to deal with multiple contractors.

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