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We also service newcastle, port stephens & maitland!

As with carpets, because your upholstery is also a very expensive item in your home, office etc, the cleaning of your sofas, armchairs, dining chairs, etc. also demands the extensive expertise and experience of a firm such as DRYOLOGY.

Upholstery fabrics attract and hold many contaminants such as body oils, dust, perspiration etc and the correct treatment and removal of these are essential to the longevity of the fabric and therefore the whole suite (not to mention the health risk!).

Again, there are many firms out there who will "clean"(?!?) your upholstery for what appears to be a very cheap price - BEWARE ! BEWARE !
These firms will usually finish the work in less than 1 hour and generally leave the fabric over wet leading to problems such as brown-out staining (water marks), mould & mildew growth and in some cases, shrinkage of the fabric.

QUESTION : So what does DRYOLOGY do differently?
ANSWER : We carry out the following procedures:
We pre inspect the fabric for damage, tearing, scuffing, fading etc and make you aware of any problems,
We do a colour fast test before commencing the cleaning to ensure there is no possibility of colours bleeding or running
We do a THOROUGH pre clean vacuum of the entire suite
We apply our unique cleaning solutions ensuring they are strictly PH balanced for the particular fabric being cleaned
We gently agitate the cleaning solutions using various grades of soft brushes or cloths to again match the various fabrics of different suites
We thoroughly rinse & extract the fabric with hot water and do a double extraction to ensure minimal moisture is left in the fabric
We then brush or groom the fabric if necessary (as in velvet/micro suede fabrics) to prevent pile distortion and to enhance the final appearance)
We use the latest, state of the art extraction equipment, which extracts approximately 98% of the moisture from the fabric, ensuring much quicker drying and therefore NO risk of damage.


Having previously dealt with Larry and the Dryology staff to eliminate mould and clean the carpets at our college boarding house, I engaged their services to clean the carpets in our office and home. In particular a mould problem (basically a bad odour from beneath the office) that we had previously thought would be extremely difficult to rectify. I have to say again with minimal disruption our carpets were cleaned to perfection and the mould problem no longer exists. We had put up with the odour for 4 years thinking there was no easy way to get rid of it. Dryology rectified this within a day. Another job well done by Larry and his crew.

Anthony C. Bayliss
CEO National College of Dance